About Us

About HRBEAST Systems

HRBEAST is a leading provider of high quality intelligent gas detection systems with patented technology that enable real-time safety and security threat detection. HRBEAST Systems products are popular with so many domestic and overseas customers.

HRBEAST Systems offers a full line of wirelessly enabled solutions including hand-held & fixed instruments and alarm systems designed to safeguard the lives of on-site workers.

Company Vision

HRBEAST Systems is sophisticated technology leader that research and manufactures its own monitor technology. The company holds over hundreds of utility model and appearance patents and devotes to the new breakthroughs in gas detection by the application of The Internet of things technology. To protect the personal safety is our mission, so we break the traditional industry concept Again and again to realize the alarm signal download to the on-site personal who are really in danger when the hazardous gas leakage happens.

HRBEAST Systems Technology Innovation

HRBEAST Systems launched its new application in wireless audible & visual alarm system based on Internet of things technology. This alarm system also can be applied to gas monitors for remote alarm signal transmission. Our innovation in this application brings a new brand-new concept and break up the traditional gas detection technology. We always care about the essence of the concerned problems and therefore we fundamentally ensure the safety of personnel for the first time.