Mobile regional wireless gas monitor for multi-gas detection

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GQB-200A7 mobile type gas detector is a versatile, rugged, one- to four-sensor pumped or diffusion gas monitor that provides continuous exposure monitoring for both Temporary working and confined space online detection. It mainly applies to hazardous locations for maintenance, execution of works, hot work and emergency etc.
GQB-200A7 has functions of sensor technology, wireless information transmission technology, wireless information encryption technology and Internet of Things together in one.
It acquires 5 patents of application of patented technology.Easy to carry, quick detection and high detection precision Wireless audible & visual alarm system based on the conception of Internet of Things by connection with wireless receiving terminal.500 meters of farthest coverage area—real-time monitoring, discovering the danger for the first time Transmitting the alarm signal to every on-site staff through wireless alarm technology.

    >Function: GQB-200A7/P (diffusion type & pumped type)

    >Sensor type: catalysis/electrochemical/NDIR /PID

    >Power supply: 9800mAH (battery)(1.5AH optional)

    >Stand-by time: 60 hours(100 hours optional)

    >Display mode: 4+4 digital LED display

    >Regulating methods: infrared remote control

    >Temperature: (-40~+50)℃ (electrochemical); (-40~+70)℃



    >Type of alarm: three levels of audible & visual alarm + wireless alarm

    >Alarm volume: 120dB(A)@1m±3dB

    >Wireless distance: 433MHz: (50-200) meters (500 meters for external antenna)

    >Weight: 6.3 kg


    >Explosion proof grade: ExdIIBT6Gb

    >Protection grade: IP64


    >Multiple gas detection: more than 100 of gases detection by applying sensors of different principles.4 gas sensors selection can detect 4 kinds of gases: such as LEL,O2,CO and H2S.

    >Wireless deploy and control: GQB-200A7 wireless function to make it sending wireless signal when it gives an alarm and make the receiving ends act with alarm within coverage area.

    >Pump monitor: apply the explosion proof air sucking pump EP-40 can realize continuous and pump suction monitor (farthest distance can be 50 meters); It can apply to such regions difficult to reach for monitor as enclosed space, underground and high altitude etc.

    >Flag for Wind direction: to judge the wind direction by the flag. (put the device to the downwind of the gas leak source to make the detection more effective).

    >60 hours of continuous detection: apply high-capacity 9800mAh of lithium battery to make the detection time more than 60 hours (pump suction is 30 hours),if applying power supply of 15AH, the working time can be 100 hours.

    >Multilevel alarm: support 3 kinds of alarm levels and priority setting-alarm for air pump plugged.

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