Portable & wireless multi-gas detector

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NANO 4S has function of both portable and wireless detection. It can detect CO, H2S, O2 and LEL gases simultaneously. The dynamic integration of Security alarm technology and Internet of Things technology realizes the remote distance transmission for alarm signal. When the sending end of gas detector NANO 4S senses the hazardous gas in spot or receives the interactive alarm signal from nearby gas detector, it will send the alarm signal to nearby receiving ends of other gas detectors within 200 meters. This alarm system can realize the function to send the dangerous signals to all the front-line workers in time.

    >Model:NANO 4S portable wireless four-gas detector (sending end)

    >Power supply:3.7VDC lithium polymer battery

    >Battery capacity:1800mA

    >Charging mode:USB converting to micro USB battery charging

    >Alarm level:Three levels


    >Alarm mode:Wireless, audible, visual and vibration modes

    >Alarm volume:95dB

    >Detection gas:CH, H2S, CO, H2S (standard)  CL2, SO2, HCL, NH3 (operational )

    >Screen :Black & white display with highlight OLED



    >High-power sending and receiving antennas makes the transmission distance of wireless alarm signal to be 200 meters.

    >Separate calibration available for four-gas detection.

    >Local status display window applying the antifouling technology

    >The window displaying the alarm message from other wireless equipment

    >Support headset adaptor to make the operating personnel never miss the alarm message.

    >Ultra polyethylene composite material for the housing to refuse to wear.

    >Four highlighted status alarm lights.

    >Double-screen display.

    >Easily operation with Chinese menu.

    >Applying the battery charging port of micro USB to make the communication more convenient user and PC.