Portable wireless gas detector NANO

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The portable wireless gas detector is the dynamic integration of Security alarm technology and Internet of Things technology. it enables you to transmit threat data in real time and boost the signal to a receiver or central command to realizes the remote distance transmission for alarm signal. When NANO (the sending terminals) senses the on-site hazardous gases or receives the interactive alarm signal from nearby gas monitors, it will send the alarm signal to nearby receiving ends of other gas detectors within 200 meters. This alarm system can realize the function to send the dangerous signals to all the front-line workers in time.


    >Power supply:3.7VDC lithium polymer battery

    >Battery capacity:1050mA

    >Charging mode:USB convert to micro  USB  battery charging

    >Alarm level:Three levels

    >Alarm mode:Wireless, audible, visual and vibration modes

    >Alarm volume:≥90dB

    >Detection gas:LEL, CO, H2S

    >Color:Black & yellow (optional)



    Wireless distance:<200m

    Wireless frequency:433MHz

    Application mode:Helmet, clamp, Magnetic Catche and hanging modes

    Material of housing:Ultra polyethylene composite material

    Exd rating:ExibIICT4

    Protection rating:IP64

    Application temperature:(-40~+50)℃)

    Working duration:One week for standby time;Four hours for continuous alarm;Three hours for charging time.

    >the gas detector NANO can be combined to wireless alarm system with NANO.

    >two colors of red and blue dazzle light, audible and vibration alarms.

    >the housing with high intensive impact-resistance, beautiful appearance, small size and light weight easy to carry.


    >intrinsic safety type with patent design for electric circuit.

    >support three levels of alarm.

    1757570_184600456000_2(NANO 4S宣传页用人物)副本 NANO 便携表佩戴方式 工作台报警信号传递演示 无线报警信号传递示意图