Fixed Gas Detectors

Easy calibration with 3-in-1 function of patented sensor structure,plug and play for sensor replacement.

In the traditional gas detection system, the alarm signal is conveyed through the on-site fixed gas detector and alarm controller in the control room.

That is the alarm signal is delivered to the control room first and it will take time to receive the alarm signal for the on-site workers. So the traditional gas detection system has a time delay to convey the alarm signal to the on-site workers. So it is very dangerous for the on-site workers.Based on this point, we can solve this problem by our wireless “The Thing of Internet” technology.

By this wireless technology, we can shorten the response time for on-site workers and increase the escape time to avoid the unnecessary casualties.The main principle for this wireless technology is to apply a wireless audible & visual alarm onto the fixed gas detector with 4-20mA output to make the detector has the function of sending wireless signal.

This function makes all the on-site workers who wear the wireless receiving terminals receive the alarm signals with in 200 meters from the alarm signal source.


>Diffusion type gas detection

Fixed Gas Detectors