Mobile Regional Gas Detectors

New invention such temporary maintanence application as hot work and confined space and so on.How to guarantee the on-site safety for confined space and temporary construction and emergency maintenance is a long-existing topic for us. The accidents in this field take place frequently in recent years.

We know that the main reason for the accidents in confined space is the alarm information can’t be transmitted to the people outside the confined space in time. This makes we lost the precious rescue time.

So how to solve this problem becomes an extremely urgency. With this mission we invent a new detection device- the mobile regional gas detector(GQB-200A7).

When the operating workers are doing work in the confined space, they can put the mobile regional gas detector(GQB-200A7)outside the confined space and put the suction tube (50 meters at most) inside the confined space. This GQB-200A7 can continuously suck the gas from confined space to make real time detection.

This detection device is suitable for the detection of confined space, hot work and the temporary & emergency maintenance.


On-site hot work temporary maintenance

Mobile Regional Gas Detectors