Portable Gas Detectors

Real-time wireless remote transmission for alarm output signal within 200 meters.

The traditional portable gas detector can only passively sense the gases and can’t actively acquire the detection information. That is only when the gas diffuses into the traditional portable gas detector, it can give alarm signals. But at the same time the workers who wear the portable gas detector has been in the danger.

The disadvantage for traditional portable gas detector is that the danger and the alarm signal come together for on-site workers who wear it. So this kind of detection device doesn’t fundamentally consider the human security.

Considering this universal disadvantage in portable gas detection, we invent a new application-the combination of wireless alarm technology and the portable gas detection. This technology can avoid the unnecessary casualties through wearing the wireless portable gas detector.

The principle is that the wireless portable gas detector can give alarm signal and transmit this signal to other wireless portable detectors worn by on-site workers nearby within 200 meters from the triggering detector. This makes any one receiving the alarm signal accurately know what condition it is from the triggering detector.


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Portable Gas Detectors